World headless

Art concept that I called «World headless», was born at the very moment when I pondered the question: «why, indeed, modern man's head»? With all the seemingly deliberate the idiocy of this question (although it is said that there are no stupid questions in principle, there are stupid answers), he tortured me hamlet cleaner. The fact that I live in this world long enough not to notice: the world has become a surprisingly headless. And the people in it – even more so. The head became a decorative attribute, the object, which is comfortable to wear hair, glasses, or, say, a nose ring. And important decisions are often made in other parts of the body. Maybe that's why we have ceased to understand each other? Mr. Belly will never agree with Monsieur Elbow, Madame Knee will hardly find a common language with Ms. Big Booty and surely nothing good will come from the novel Mr. Penis with miss Right Atrium.

the Headless characters in my work, losing and other anatomical wholeness and integrity, unhappy, however, do not consider themselves. They live their normal lives: visit the same headless neighbors, meet, goodbye, making love. Head when it is not needed. They are constantly forgotten in the commotion, lose, give, in a hurry to try on in the fitting room stall, store: «Oh, it's not mine! Here's your! No really, thank you, mine was much prettier ...». Even Adam and eve, forever leaving an underwater Eden, go to our crazy world Headless. It's easier. That's better. It's much safer. Don't you think?

In my work, as you probably noticed, only headless people. Birds, beasts, fishes and other animals – in full «kit». They live a more natural life than their poor two-legged ones. Animals don't need to strain, to envy, to intrigue, to seem smarter than they are. They already have everything. They are born with it, and go with it ...

Inventing and naselju headless world, I, however, do not cherish any illusions and to your account. With the head I also not okay. Anyway, enough waffle. The rest will have to tell work ...

Valery Krestnikov


acrylic on canvas;
mixed media;
90 х 70sm. 2014

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