Graphic works

The Basic idea in the artistic consciousness Krestnikov – universal feeling of love. The desire to paint pictures of love to people, to nature, to the woman, for life does not leave him even for a second. An endless parade of beautiful, disturbing the soul of the images come to him in dreams and in reality. The embodiment of them on the canvas gives you the ability to quench the constant thirst for creativity. But every time the artist seems to be closest to the task at hand, thousands of situations arise contrary, and the main objective, as the illusory Mirage, is moved farther and farther away.

Duality of life and human nature actively interfere in the creative world Valeria. Good and evil, beauty and ugliness, love and hate is always there, they cannot be separated and cannot be circumvented. It is impossible not to respond to an endless series of distracting events, disasters in the world that dictate their stories, set different priorities. Occurs creativity socially pointed, sometimes flashy, reflecting the contradictions of human nature and his existence. The art is born "in spite of" is contrary to fundamental for Krestnikov the idea of embracing love. And be it known turncoats or more familiar to the traditional perception of the picture, the duality of the world always finds a place in his works ...

Elena Buynova, art historian